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The Resource Hub wouldn't be able to make such a significant impact in the lives and communities we serve without the support of our corporate partners. We are proud to say that several Fortune 100 companies, recognize that partnering with us is not only good for their communities, it is good for business. 

Business Meeting


The Foundations we work with recognize the importance of social and community development, and value the impact that is made when a student reaches their full potential.

Business Consultation


There are a variety of ways you can make a difference through The Resource Hub. When it comes to donating, there are different aspects of our mission you can choose to support. You can donate toward one of our existing community service projects to make a direct impact in the community; you can help us on a National level by contributing to our scholarship fund to invest in social growth by increasing the number of educated youth in our communities; or by giving to one of our several Holiday initiatives. 100% of every donation is applied to the community. 

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